The three most common Irish tweeds are the herringbone, Donnegal tweed, and houndstooth.
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Irish Tweeds
tThese tweeds are handwoven in the Republic of Ireland of Irish wool.  All tweed patterns are cut into the traditional ivy cap style shown above.  These caps are available in our store.  we do not sell them online because a full range of sizes  is not currently available.  This is a small sample of what we have.
Dark green wool Donegal tweed  #Ir001
Speckled with color flecks, the dark 
green and black mix is our best seller.

Dark gray Donegal wool tweed with flecks #Ir007
The alternating blacks and whites, sparsely speckled with colors, gives a vibrant gray.

Soft gray woolen Donegal tweed with flecks #Ir009

Gray  Donegal  wool tweed 

Gray woolen herringbone tweed wool #Ir002

Gray herringbone wool  tweed with color flecks #Ir005

Green herringbone tweed wool with color flecks #Ir003
Navy herringbone wool tweed with color flecks #Ir004

Patch tweed cap #Ir010
note: specific tweeds used vary from one cap to the next

Irish Caps .com
Our Irish tweed caps are handwoven in Ireland of the finest Irish wool.  Loomed in the traditional way, these hats offer a classic style to any gentleman's wardrobe.
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Soft grey wool herringbone tweed with color flecks #Ir006